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SagaMarket aims to present cultured books and our focus is especially books explaining the Vikings and the Sagas. We hope to show quality of content and design of the books we have selected and present.

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A Little Book about the Runes
This short and readable book tells the story of the Runes, and explains each one with the help of..
Elves and Hidden people
Iceland is not only populated by the 330,000 descendants of the original Viking settlers: Its mou..
I Was Here
Iceland is a land of visual adventure. These images captured by Icelandic photographer Kristján I..
Iceland Unique Island
In Iceland Unique Island, bestselling author and photographer Kristján Ingi Einarsson presents a ..
Icelandic Folk Legends
The tales of apparitions, outlaws and things unseen.  A fascinating introduction to Icel..
Icelandic Folktales
A collection of traditional Icelandic stories which have been handed down from one generation to ..
Info guide Vikings
A great introduction into the ways of the vikings, where they sailed and the legacy they left beh..
Ragnarök - Destiny of the Gods
Ragnarok –Destiny of the Gods is a new and unique edutainment card game, designed to make learnin..
The Little Book of Icelanders in the Old Days
Fifty miniature essays on the life and times of the Icelanders in centuries past. Because the pas..
The Little Book of Icelandic
A book about one of the oldest and most complec languages in the world and the heart and soul of ..
The Little Book of the Hidden People
Twenty stories of elves from Icelandic folklore and notes on their meaning. Icelandic folklore is..
The Saga of Egil
Egil Skallagrímsson (910-990) is one of the strongest and most memorable characters of early Icel..
The Saga of Gudrun
The most romantic saga of the Icelanders is about Gudrun Osvifsdaughter, a beautiful, clever and ..
The Sayings of the Vikings
Hávamál is the words of wisdom which gave spiritual nourishment to the Vikings on their long jour..
The Viking Gods
The Viking Gods contains excerpts from Snorri Surluson’s Edda, which was written around 1220 an..
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